Garden Intern Position Description   

Developed Spring 2021

Hourly rate $8 part time

  • Works with Master Gardener to develop garden plans for the season and recommended plans for future seasons.
  • Provides written plans, budget/spending requests, and possibly drawings to the council coordinator for the benefit of the Board of Directors.
  • Coordinates and leads volunteers in planting the garden and ensures plants are planted at the appropriate time.
  • Maintains health and production of plants throughout the growing season (watering, fertilizing, thinning, trimming, weeding, etc.) with the help of volunteers.
  • Coordinates the harvesting of produce with the Pantry Manager to ensure safe food handling practices and storage needs for the benefit of the clients receiving the produce. Works with volunteers to harvest produce for the pantry.
  • Acquisition of seeds and plant materials, tools and equipment, and other items necessary to maintain the garden.
  • Keeps garden spaces tidy and aesthetically pleasing for the benefit of neighbors and to present a positive impression of the overall project to the community.
  • Cleans up garden in the fall and makes any necessary preparations for the next planting season.
  • Keeps garden shed organized and tools and equipment well maintained.
  • Leads garden education efforts
  • Provides training to volunteers in food safety and safe produce handling using provided materials.
  • Provides photos and written updates about the project to the Council Coordinator for use on the Hunger Prevention Council website and social media.
  • Advises the Council Coordinator and Board of Directors on all Garden related matters.
  • Attends monthly board meetings to provide an update on the status of the garden project or provide a written report to the board.
  • The person in this position coordinates with the Extension Master Gardener, volunteers, University Extension educators, Pantry Manager, and is under the direction of the Council Coordinator.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Council Coordinator.