As a community, let’s end the stigma around food insecurity.
This starts by learning more about the reality of systems and structural failures that cause disparities in our community and around the world. Hunger is not the result of individual failings.

Want to Learn More?
Here are a few ideas from the HPC Board:

Check out these books to learn about people's real struggles
to feed their families:

  1. How the Other Half Eats: The Untold Story of Food and
    Inequality in America
  2. Enough: Why the World's Poorest Starve in an Age of Plenty

Watch the Netflix Series "Maid"

Follow a year in the life of a single mother struggling with
homelessness, escaping an abusive relationship, and trying to
overcome generational trauma.

Attend a Future ALICE Poverty Simulation

Or take the online challenge to learn how quickly money can
get tight:

Promote good jobs with living wages and benefits.

Join HPC for monthly meetings to help make a difference in your neighborhood! 


Email us if you are interested in joining the council: