Welcome to the Hunger Prevention Council of Pierce County
The Hunger Prevention Council of Pierce County, Inc. (HPC) is an independent, non-profit organization formed in 1999 to address inconsistent responses to hunger across Pierce County.

The membership of the council includes various food pantries, organizations, government agencies, non-profits and concerned citizens. The group meets regularly working towards reducing hunger and providing access to healthy foods across Pierce County. While the Pierce County Food Pantry, located in Ellsworth, is a program of HPC, the other food pantries located in Pierce County remain independent. The Council offers these food pantries and other organizations working to alleviate hunger in Pierce County the unique opportunity to work as a group to attract donations, enact programming and pool resources.

The Pierce County Food Pantry, a program of the HPC, is available to all residents of Pierce County, several days a week. People can come to this pantry even if they do not live in Ellsworth for open hours that are more convenient to them or for the extra level of privacy that comes from going outside their town. The HPC also compiles a local resource directory to help connect people to services and connects people to the pantries in the county that are closest to them.

The HPC Staff coordinate the distribution of food donations to all six pantries in Pierce County, with the Pierce County Food Pantry serving as a distribution hub for these efforts. In addition, monetary donations, such as funding from Pierce County and other government sources are distributed through the HPC. Staff also maintain online donation services allowing for any person to donate to their preferred pantry or program of the HPC. Additional marketing, fundraising, and technical support are provided to food pantries, allowing volunteers to focus on getting food to the community. 

In addition to working to support food pantries, the HPC coordinator hosts monthly meetings with representatives of other organizations and concerned citizens to facilitate the sharing of ideas and resources to further our mission of reducing hunger and increasing access to nutritious foods. The HPC is excited to be working on our newest program, launched in 2021; a pantry garden at the Pierce County pantry to provide fresh produce for the pantry and a location for educational events and programs.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement
Hunger Prevention Council is committed to giving a voice to all, ensuring meaningful inclusion, working toward anti-racism, and treating everyone with dignity and respect. 

To Learn more check out our DEI Policy.