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The Hunger Prevention Council is excited to announce the launch of our new pantry garden program. The new garden, located at the Pierce County Food Pantry, will serve the mission of the Hunger Prevention Council in several exciting ways. The garden will provide the very freshest produce for the pantry. Vegetables grown will be harvested, washed, and distributed to guests right on site. This will reduce the time that food spends in transit and give folks more time to use it before it spoils. This also reduces the carbon footprint by cutting down on fuel and shipping costs. Growing our own produce helps us conserve our funds to make donated dollars stretch further.

The garden will also be an outreach and education space for the HPC. Look for future classes and events to be held in the garden to promote home gardens and to provide nutrition education. 

The 2021 garden is supervised by Garden Coordinator, Abigail Hassing, along with Master Gardener Carol Wilcox. Our hope is to see the garden thrive and expand to grow more variety of produce at the Pierce County Food Pantry and potentially see more gardens pop up across the county.